Meet 5-Year-Old Tommy
Happy, energetic, loving and caring child; ready to have fun, and play with friends.
Tommy Was Abused When He Was 2
Abuse occurs across all age groups with the majority of victims being 12-17 years of age (36%), closely followed by 6-11 year olds (29%) and 1-5 year olds (25%)
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What Is The Children's Justice Center?

Utah County Children's Justice Center Building

Founded in 1991, Utah County Children’s Justice Center aims to address the healing of abused children so they can live a happy, productive, and fulfilling life.

We Stop Child Abuse by helping children stop the cycle. Over the last 30 years, we have helped thousands of children get the mental, emotional, and physical support they need.

We provide a safe, comfortable, child-friendly atmosphere for children to receive coordinated services during the child abuse investigative process.

How We Help Children

1. Interview Child

1st the child has already been traumatized. To help minimize the trauma the child may be experiencing, we interview them in a peaceful and relaxing home-like environment.

2. Record Interview

2nd, While the interview is going on, it is recorded, so they can feel safe, and comfortable. Since it’s recorded they do not have to relive the pain they went through again and again.

3. Healing Starts

The abused child does not have to recount their story, again and again, reliving the nightmare; healing starts happening immediately with continued support.

North Utah County Location - American Fork

South Utah County Location - Provo