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How to Donate to the Utah County Children's Justice Center

Donate to Utah County Children's Justice Center
Donate to Utah County Children's Justice Center - Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

In every community, children need support and care, particularly children who have suffered abuse and trauma. 

The Utah County Children’s Justice Center (CJC) was created to help these children, offering them a safe space to heal and receive the necessary support. 

Established in 1991 to serve children between the ages of 1 and 17 years of age who have experienced abuse, neglect, or violence, the CJC plays a crucial role in facilitating their journey towards recovery and justice.

Suppose you’re looking to make a difference in the lives of these children and contribute to their healing process. In that case, there are several ways you can donate to the Utah County Children’s Justice Center:

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Monetary Donations

Financial contributions are a vital lifeline for the Utah County CJC, enabling us to provide essential services and support to abused children and their families in Utah County.

You can make a monetary donation through various channels:

  • Online Donations: Contribute to Utah County Children’s Justice Center’s Venmo or Givebutter  to donate online using your credit card or electronic payment methods.
  • Mail-in Donations: Send a check or money order to the CJC’s mailing address.
    315 S 100 E, Provo, UT 84606
  • Fundraising Campaigns: Watch for fundraising campaigns and events organized by the CJC or our partners. Participating in or supporting these initiatives can amplify the impact of your contribution.

In-Kind Donations

Volunteers at Utah County CJC
Volunteers at a Utah County CJC fundraiser.

In addition to monetary support, the Utah County CJC welcomes in-kind donations of goods and services that benefit the children under their care. 

These may include:

  • Bare Necessities: Donate items such as clothing, toiletries, school supplies, snacks, drinks, and blankets to meet the immediate needs of the children and families accessing the center’s services.
  • Therapeutic Resources: Provide toys, games, books, and art supplies that can aid in the therapeutic activities and counseling sessions offered at the CJC.
  • Volunteer Services: Offer your time and skills to support the operations of the CJC, whether through administrative assistance, event coordination, grant writing, or mentoring programs for the children.

Planned Giving

Consider incorporating the Utah County Children’s Justice Center into your long-term financial planning through planned giving options such as:

  • Bequests: Include the CJC in your will or estate plan, specifying a portion of your assets or estate to be donated to support our ongoing mission.
  • Life Insurance Policies: Designate the Utah County CJC as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy, providing future financial support to ensure the continuity of our programs and services.
  • Charitable Trusts: Explore the establishment of charitable trusts or annuities that can generate income for the CJC while providing potential tax benefits for you and your family.

Corporate Sponsorships and Partnerships

Corporate sponsored event for the CJC
Corporate sponsored event for the CJC

Businesses and corporations can make a meaningful impact by partnering with the Utah County Children’s Justice Center through:

  • Corporate Sponsorship: Provide financial support or in-kind donations as part of corporate social responsibility initiatives, employee engagement programs, or cause-related marketing campaigns.
  • Employee Giving Programs: Encourage employees to participate in workplace giving campaigns or matching gift programs to amplify their contributions to the CJC.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Collaborate with the CJC on joint initiatives, awareness campaigns, or fundraising events to leverage resources and maximize impact in the community. 
  • Host an Event: You can host an event with the CJC as the beneficiary. Many businesses do this to help us with awareness and financial needs, plus it minimizes the strain on the volunteers.


By donating to the Utah County Children’s Justice Center, you are providing crucial support to abused and traumatized children and helping to provide a safer and more nurturing environment for them to heal and thrive. 

Whether through monetary contributions, in-kind donations, planned giving, or corporate partnerships, every act of generosity makes a difference in the lives of these children. 

Together, let’s stand up for the rights and well-being of children and ensure that they receive the care and justice they deserve.