Volunteering for the Utah County Children’s Justice Center: Making a Difference in the Lives of Abused Children

The Utah County Children’s Justice Center (CJC) is a sanctuary for abused children, offering a safe and supportive environment where they can begin their journey toward healing. Since its inception in 1991, the CJC has been instrumental in providing comprehensive services to child abuse victims and their families. Central to the success of the CJC is the dedication of its volunteers, whose selfless contributions profoundly impact the lives of vulnerable children. Volunteering for the CJC is not only a rewarding experience but also a vital part of the center’s mission to support and protect abused children.

The Role of Volunteers

Volunteers at the Utah County Children’s Justice Center are involved in various aspects of its operations, each contributing uniquely to its mission. The roles available for volunteers are diverse, catering to different skills, interests, and levels of commitment. Here are some of the key areas where volunteers make a significant difference:

Direct Support to Children and Families

One of the most impactful ways volunteers contribute is by directly supporting children and their families. This can include greeting and comforting children when they arrive at the center, assisting during forensic interviews, or providing support during medical examinations. Your role as a volunteer is crucial in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring children feel safe and cared for at the center. Your presence can make a significant difference in their healing journey.

Administrative Assistance

Behind the scenes, volunteers play a crucial role in keeping the CJC running smoothly. Administrative tasks such as answering phones, filing paperwork, and managing schedules are essential to the center’s daily operations. Volunteers who assist with these tasks enable the staff to focus more on providing direct services to the children and their families.

Community Outreach and Education

Volunteers are also involved in community outreach and education efforts. This can include organizing and participating in events such as our annual fundraising gala, our community awareness walk, or our holiday gift drive. They also distribute informational materials and give presentations to schools and community groups. By raising awareness about child abuse and the services offered by the CJC, volunteers help foster a community that is more informed and proactive in protecting its children.

Fundraising and Resource Development

The CJC relies heavily on donations and fundraising efforts to sustain its services. Volunteers organize fundraising events, seek donations from local businesses and individuals, and help write grants. These efforts are crucial for ensuring that the CJC has the resources it needs to continue supporting abused children and their families.

The Impact of Volunteering

The impact of volunteering at the Utah County Children’s Justice Center extends far beyond the immediate tasks performed. Here are some of the broader ways in which volunteers make a difference:

Providing Comfort and Stability

For many children, the CJC represents a place of safety in an otherwise tumultuous world. Volunteers help create an environment of comfort and stability, which is essential for healing. Their presence alone can reassure children and their families, helping them feel less isolated and more supported. For example, a volunteer’s comforting presence during a child’s forensic interview can significantly affect the child’s ability to share their experience and begin the healing process. Volunteers truly are the heart of our center, and their impact is immeasurable.

Enhancing Service Delivery

Volunteers free up the center’s professional staff to focus on their specialized roles by taking on various tasks. This enhances service delivery’s efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring that children receive the best care possible. The support provided by volunteers is integral to the smooth operation of the center and the quality of care offered to clients. For instance, by taking on administrative tasks, volunteers allow our staff to spend more time with the children and their families, providing the emotional support and guidance they need during this difficult time.

Building Community Awareness and Support

Volunteers act as ambassadors for the CJC in the broader community. Through their outreach efforts, they help to educate others about child abuse and the importance of the center’s work. This raises awareness and builds a network of support around the CJC, fostering a community that is more vigilant and proactive in protecting children. By volunteering, you are not just making a difference in the lives of individual children and families, but also in the community as a whole, creating a safer and more supportive environment for everyone.

The Rewards of Volunteering

While the primary focus of volunteering at the CJC is to help others, volunteers often find that the experience is enriching for themselves as well. Here are some of the personal benefits that come with volunteering:

Personal Fulfillment

Many volunteers find a great sense of fulfillment and purpose in knowing that they are making a positive difference in the lives of children. The gratitude expressed by the children and their families, the progress seen in the healing process, and the overall impact of their efforts provide a profound sense of accomplishment. Volunteering at the CJC can be a deeply inspiring experience, knowing that you are part of a transformative journey of healing and hope.

Skill Development

Volunteering at the CJC offers opportunities to develop new skills and gain valuable experience. Whether learning about the dynamics of child abuse, enhancing communication skills, or gaining experience in event planning and fundraising, volunteers often leave with new competencies to benefit them in various aspects of their lives. This experience can be a stepping stone for personal growth and development, enhancing your understanding of social issues and your ability to make a positive impact in your community.

Building Connections

Volunteers at the CJC become part of a compassionate and dedicated community. They build meaningful connections with staff, other volunteers, and the families they serve. These relationships can provide a strong sense of community and support, enriching the volunteer’s personal and professional life. Volunteering at the CJC is not just about the work; it’s about becoming part of a community that shares your passion and commitment.

How to Get Involved

The process typically begins with an application and background check for those interested in volunteering at the Utah County Children’s Justice Center. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of the children and families we serve. Once your application is approved, you will be invited to a comprehensive training program that equips volunteers with the knowledge and skills they need to be effective in their roles. This training is essential to ensure that all volunteers are thoroughly vetted and trained to interact appropriately with the children and families.

Training programs are provided to equip volunteers with the knowledge and skills they need to be effective in their roles. Ongoing support and supervision are also available to ensure that volunteers feel confident and capable in their duties.


Volunteering at the Utah County Children’s Justice Center is a powerful way to make a difference in the lives of abused children. The contributions of volunteers are essential to the center’s mission of providing comprehensive support and healing to vulnerable children and their families. By offering their time, skills, and compassion, volunteers help to create a brighter future for those who have experienced the trauma of abuse. For those looking to make a meaningful impact, volunteering at the CJC offers an opportunity to be part of a transformative journey of healing and hope.